DTDC Courier Charges – Domestic Courier Rates, Cost, Charges

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Courier is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to send documents and packages. Courier rates are often cheaper than sending by mail or through the postal service. But it’s important to know when you’re being overcharged for your courier services before they charge you too much!

DTDC Courier Charges

Are you wondering how much courier charges are for domestic deliveries? We have compiled a list of the different rates and charges below. This list can help you determine which option is best for your needs.


The cost to send one kg of goods domestically will vary depending on distance, weight, and urgency.

You can find out what your price would be by using our calculator at the bottom of this page or by calling us directly at 1-800-222-1177.


Depending on where you live in relation to another city, it may cost more or less to ship items domestically via DTDC Couriers than if they were sent internationally with DTDC International Couriers (DTC).

Weight in KGMinimum Rate (INR)Maximum Rate (INR)
Up to 0.5KG75 INR/Kg100 INR/Kg
Up to 10.5 kg65 INR/Kg90 INR/Kg
Up to 20.5 Kg
55 INR/Kg80 INR/Kg
Up to 30.5 Kg50 INR/Kg75 INR/Kg
Up to 50.5 Kg40 INR/Kg65 INR/Kg
Up to 70.5 Kg100 INR/Kg180 INR/Kg
Up to 80.5 Kg110 INR/Kg200 INR/Kg
Up to 90.5 Kg120 INR/Kg220 INR/Kg
Up to 100 Kg130 INR/Kg250 INR/Kg

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