DTDC Tracking USA – Track Your Shipment (India to US or US to India)

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DTDC is the best courier service for sending packages from the US to India. DTDC has been around since 1959 and has a strong reputation for delivering on time with excellent customer care.

They are one of the largest shipping companies in South Asia, which means that they have extensive knowledge about international shipping routes and regulations.

You can track your parcel by entering its tracking number here: “Track“. In this article, we will be going over how you can use their website to view information about your shipment’s progress through our simple step-by-step instructions below.

DTDC Tracking US to India

DTDC is a leading courier service company in India that provides international services to all parts of the world. One can track their shipment with DTDC through its website and mobile app, which makes it easier for customers.

DTDC has been delivering quality services since 1947 and is committed to providing ‘On-time Delivery’ as well as ‘Safe Transport’ to its customers across the globe.

It also offers customized solutions for customer-specific needs such as temperature-controlled transportation, door delivery, pickup, and drop-off at the destination airport or any other location. With DTDC one need not worry about lost shipments because they have an excellent track record on tracing parcels with a 99% success rate.

How to Track

  • Visit DTDC US Tracking Website
  • Insert Shipment Number or Reference Number
  • Click on the “Track Now” Button.
  • You can also track up to 25 shipments together, separated by comma(,).

Track Your Parcel From India to the USA

The journey from India to the USA is a long one. It takes nearly two weeks for your parcel to cross the ocean, travel through customs, and make its way across America’s vast country. However, with TrackYourParcel you can track every step of that journey on our interactive map.

What is the most frustrating part of international shipping? The lack of tracking and updates on your parcel.

You are left in the dark, not knowing if your package has been lost or stolen, or simply delayed by a customs issue. With India Post’s new Track My Parcel service you can always be informed about your shipment status.

US Customer Care

DTDC Tracking offers customer care services to customers in the USA. They provide solutions for each need of the customers and also offer other related services like courier, parcel delivery, freight forwarding, warehousing, and logistics.

New York City Helpline: +1-917-650-5470, +1-866-383-6606, +1-212-268-2727.

DTDC Toll Free Number

DTDC Tracking Toll-Free Number is a service that provides you with the online tracking of your DTDC order and can be accessed by dialing the USA toll-free number. The customer gets to know about the status of their delivery through SMS alerts or email notifications.

Parcel Tracking in the US

DTDC is a leading courier service that offers parcel tracking in the USA. You can track your shipments with the help of DTDC’s online portal, or via text message and email. Use our website to find out more.

How to Check DTDC Status in the USA?

DTDC is one of the most popular courier services in India. But, how do you check your DTDC status in the USA? The answer to this question lies below. All you need to do is log on to our website and enter your tracking number.

You will get a detailed report telling you where your parcel stands currently, including its current location, estimated transit time left, and other important information related to the shipment.

DTDC Branches in USA – Head Offices

Jamaica167-43, 148th Street,
Jamaica, NY 11434
Tel: 212 2682727
Iselin66 Middlesex Avenue, Suite 106,
Iselin NJ 08830
Tel: 732 549 3664
Brea1350 W Lambert Road, Ste A,
Brea, CA 92821, USA
TEL: +1 657 341 8909

The USA DTDC Consignment Tracking

DTDC is a logistics company that offers consignment tracking to its customers. Customers can track the progress of their shipment with ease and know exactly where it is at any given time.

The customer service team at DTDC is prompt in responding to queries and address concerns promptly. They also offer other services like customs clearance, freight forwarding, warehousing, etc.

The blog post will be about how this company helps customers track shipments by providing an online portal that allows the user to check on the status of his or her shipment.

DTDC provides international shipping services as well which includes door-to-door delivery from one country to another (even if they are different continents). They have very competitive rates and discounts for bulk orders too.


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