DTDC Tracking Service Guide – Products & Services

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DTDC Tracking has a variety of services that are perfect for your needs. We offer to track and tracing services to help you locate an item, through our courier network.

Our service is also available in almost every country in the world! If you’re unsure about what type of service would be best for you, check out our guide below:

  • Product & Services
  • Condition Of Carriage
  • Location Finder
  • Price & Time Finder
  • Promotional Offers
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Risk Surcharge
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Volumetric Weight
  • Restricted and Banned Items

Track & Trace Services

This service is great for those who need something tracked and traced from point A to point B. You can track it with just one click on the website or by using their app!

With this service, DTDC will trace the package and provide updates until it reaches its final destination. The customer will receive notifications when it leaves from the origin, enters customs clearance at the destination airport.

1. Product & Services

It includes the range of DTDC’s line of services.

  • Domestic Courier Service
  • International Products and Services
  • Premium Express Service
  • Priority Services
  • Supply Chain Solution
  • International Freight Forwarding (IFF)
  • DTDC New World (Retail)

2. Conditions of Carriage

The brand DTDC New World is a DTDC subsidiary company DTDC Retail Ltd. and it comes from the portfolio. It provides a variety of services that will make your life easier. We aim to offer unparalleled convenience by offering a wide variety of value-added services.

The goal is to build lasting relationships with clients by providing all convenience services under one roof at reasonable prices and using our efficient delivery system.

Our trusted brand makes it easy for consumers to access everyday services. Our values are friendly, approachable, value-oriented, trustworthy.

3. Domestic & International Location Finder

The Location Finder gives you information about DTDC stores. To locate the closest DTDC store, you can search using the keywords or criteria below.

4. Packaging Solutions

DTDC understands that shipping your shipment quickly and safely is crucial. We have created a new range of DTDC packaging boxes that will suit your needs. There are many parking options available for heavy and fragile items, such as laptop boxes or mobile phones.

5. Risk Surcharge

This is a company provided to the customer to cover transit risks if the goods aren’t insured by the consignor. If the customer pays the risk coverage fees, the coverage can be extended. This coverage should not be considered insurance. The company will only have limited liability under the risk surcharge policy.

6. Volumetric Weight

The space taken up by a shipment during its distribution can affect its value, as well as the actual weight. This is called volumetric (or dimension) weight.

To determine which weight is greater, the volumetric or dimensional weights are compared to the actual shipment weight. The higher weight is used for the calculation of the shipping cost.

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