DTDC Domestic Courier Tracking – Track Shipment, Order Online

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No matter the distance, we can get your shipment to its destination. With our Domestic Tracking service, you will be able to see exactly where your package is and when it will arrive at its final destination.

Whether you’re shipping a personal item or sending out an important business shipment, DTDC offers the best rates on all of our domestic courier services. This way you’ll know that your items are safe and sound no matter what happens in transit.

DTDC Domestic Courier Tracking

The DTDC Domestic Courier Tracking module is designed for anyone who has shipped a package via DTDC and wants to know the status of their parcel.

The module provides an easy way of checking whether your shipment is on time or not. You can also track your shipments by tracking number, date/time of shipment, courier name, etc.

We keep track of shipments so you don’t have to. Follow DTDC Domestic Courier Tracking for regular updates on your shipment’s progress, and get peace of mind knowing your parcel will arrive safe and sound.

Domestic Lite Tracking

DTDC Domestic Lite Tracking is an innovative service by DTDC Logistics. It has been designed for smaller shipments of up to 2kgs which are not time-sensitive and cost-sensitive but still need to be tracked.

The domestic Lite Tracking service provides the customer with location information every 6 hours on their shipment over a period of 24 hours, giving them peace of mind that their parcel will reach its destination safely and securely.

The new DTDC Domestic Lite Tracking service also features cheaper prices than other services in India, making it more affordable for customers who want to track their packages without breaking the bank.

All you need to do is enter your consignment number when booking online or when calling our Customer Service team at 011-42422300.

International Tracking

Our tracker is an international tracking service that can be used to track deliveries made by companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Shipping packages are assigned a unique number which can then be tracked on our website or via email notifications.

The site displays the current location of the package in real-time for up to 5 days after it has been shipped out. This gives users peace of mind knowing when their cargo will arrive so they know when to expect it at their doorstep.

If you have any questions about our service please contact us at [email protected]

Customer Care

For any complaint, query regarding parcel late delivery, tracking problem or any other call at (+91) 7305770577.


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