DTDC Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage (Support)

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The DTDC has been in the business of providing international courier services since 1965 and is an Indian company. They have a very stringent set of conditions for passengers as well as cargo, especially if you are traveling to India.

You can check out their website at http://www.dtdc-india.com/index_eng.html for more information and to see what other services they offer such as door delivery or freight forwarding among others, even if your shipment is not going from India to another country outside of the region.

The consignment note’s provisions shall be applicable to the modes of transport used to connect consignments by DTDC.

These rules also apply to any mode of transport described on this consignment notice that is not in accordance with the original contract between the parties or performed by one or multiple modes of transport other than the designated mode of delivery as set out in this consignment.

1. Definitions

DTDC Mean (Door to Door Cargo Express Limited) is also known as DTDC Express Limited.

Parties can refer to the consignor consignee or his/her authorized representatives. This consignment note refers to freight as the transportation charges only.

It excludes other components such as COD / TOPAY / MENTION / PC charges taxes and any other levies. Delivery is the acceptance of shipment by the parties or notification of arrival at the destination.

2. Transportation

DTDC has the right to use any mode or route of transportation.

3. Private Courier

DTDC, a private carrier, is bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

4. DTDC Consignment

The consignment notes issued by DTDC will be strictly based upon the declarations made by the parties. DTDC is not responsible for any wrongful declarations in this consignment notice and the parties remain solely liable in the event that goods are lost or returned under the consequential loss/refund.

In addition, the parties agree that DTDC will pay any damages resulting from claims filed against them due to insufficient documents or a wrongful declaration in this consignment notice.

5. DTDC Right to Inspect Consignment

DTDC can inspect and open any shipment that is consigned by consignors to verify that they are suitable for the carriage to the destination.

DTDC cannot guarantee that any item can be transported without violating any law in any country.

DTDC reserves all rights to refuse any consignor who does not comply with these terms and conditions, without giving any reason whatsoever.

6. Payment

All payments made by the government or any other statutory body on any consignment are solely between the parties

7. Report

The consignment under this consignment notice does not contain any contraband/legally restricted/hazardous/flammable/ poisonous/explosive / currency/jewelry/food coupon/share certificate or articles that are prohibited by the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

8. Dues

DTDC shall hold a general lien on all consignments of the parties to any dues paid by them to DTDC.

9. Warehouse

DTDC will not accept any warehouse booking & delivery unless a declaration form is filled out with the relevant operating units and all necessary enclosures are attached.

10. Proof of Delivery

Both parties must pay freight and other charges at the time of booking. If the bill amount is not paid within the specified time, the parties will be responsible for interest at 2% per month. This applies even if a POD (Proof of Delivery) copy has not been submitted.

11. Insurance

DTDC advises parties to insure goods that have been handed to DTDC for transport under consignor insurance. Upon request, DTDC will provide COF (certificates of facts) in the event of a loss. The invoice value will be subject to a COF charge of 0.2%.

12. Claim

DTDC will not entertain any claim for loss, shortage damage, non-delivery / delivery / leakage / pilferage. DTDC shall not entertain any claim for loss or shortage damage to the consignment unless a written complaint is filed within three (3) days of the delivery date.

13. VAS

Value-added services COD / TOPAY are available at an additional charge above and beyond freight charges. There is no liability on the part of ‘DTDC’ with respect to any original contractual obligations or payment terms between the consignor, consignee, or any third parties.

14. Booking

If the consignor changes the address or makes other changes after booking a consignment, additional charges will be levied.

15. Documentation

The consignor must provide all documentation, including invoices. The consignor is responsible for all packing list forms and permits as required by the laws at the destination of goods. Penalties such as seizures or penalty charges may also be incurred.

16. Bills

If either party refuses to take delivery of the consignment due to any reason. DTDC will issue bills to the parties for transportation and other charges, including transport fees, in accordance with the terms of the contract. The parties are liable for all dues to DTDC at the original booking station and elsewhere as notified.

17. Notice

The demurrage provision shall be in effect for a one-month period. If the consignment is not received by the parties within this time period or the parties fail to make the payments due to DTDC, DTDC shall have the right to send the consignment back to its unclaimed goods department for the sale of the consignment and to collect all dues by issuing the prescribed notices.

18. Security

Due to security and inspection reasons, consignments containing valuable items can take up to an additional day beyond the committed delivery.

19. Business

DTDC’s business operations are decentralized. Operational autonomy is granted to the operational zones based upon geographical coverage. The respective zonal heads have exclusive operational empowerment and responsibility for the performance of all DTDC obligations under this consignment notice.

Directors of DTDC have no direct involvement or responsibility for consignment notes. This is because the individual zonal heads/product heads are responsible.

20. Shipment

DTDC’s liability for delay in the shipment (subjecting to any exceptions under law) is limited to basic freight charges. DTDC is not responsible for consequential losses/claims.

21. Address

All claims arising out of this consignment note must be paid to the registered office at DTDC located at no 3. Victoria Road, Bangalore. DTDC Bangalore shall be deemed as having made Karnataka and all demands from DTDC.

22. Venue

Any dispute or difference arising from the consignment shall go to arbitration by a sole arbitrator DTDC shall have the right to nominate the sole arbitrator. The venue for arbitration shall be Bangalore.

23. Terms & Conditon

These terms and conditions are in addition, if applicable, to any special agreements between DTDC or the parties. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of each product consignment note for details.

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